Playfield Parts

New Old Mechanism

This device kicks the ball out of a  capture point.  They haven’t been made for years.  This one is almost 40 years old but with a new coil and a […]

Drilling Info

Drilling the playfield without a drill press could be dangerous if you don’t plan ahead.  I came up with this idea and it worked quite well.   

Drill Time!

   The little pencil circles are where I’ll be drilling holes for light sockets. The cut down coil sleeve prevents my drill from going through the playfield.  Actually works quite […]

We're Back!!!

Finally started working on her again!  Put in a few light sockets.  It’s good to be working on it again.   

I have all of the rollovers in place.  You can see what I mean about screening issues.

Santa brought me a screen for Christmas, it looks like it’ll fit fine!

I did it, I installed a rollover switch.  Drilled two pilot holes first.  A little scary but it worked out fine.

I borrowed a 10 Inch tablet from work to test the size of the monitor I would need.  Looks like 9″ will be good.