Project History and Plans

In 1980, a kit was sold by Arkon Automaten, GmbH of Germany to convert the Bally Playboy Pinball machine into a game with projected pictures on the playfield.  The pictures were on a continuous loop and the playfield was somewhat identical to Playboy.  Somewhat means that the layout was the same so the rules wouldn’t have to be changed, but the artwork was more adult.  For some reason, they used Gottlieb parts as well.  Classic Playfield Reproductions made copies of the playfield, backglass, and plastics.  They sold them until about 2013 when stock ran out.

I have plans to build my own game (of my own design) but I decided that I need to learn how to do that so I took on this project as a learning experience.  I have a cabinet from an “Eight Ball” that needs a lot of work, and all of the CPR parts (my playfield has major screening issues).  I am using the Pinball Controllers PROC P3 system for my electronics and the projector will be replaced by a Video screen.  All of the rest of the parts will be new where possible or old and refurbished as necessary.  I’m also going to change to Williams/Bally mechanisms wherever I can.

I’m guessing that it will take 2-3 years to complete since I have a LOT to learn.  This website will be “work safe” despite the fact that some images on the game are not.  I’ll be blurring general postings with pictures as necessary. There will be galleries with other pictures but you’ll be warned before entering.